Facials are designed to improve and rejuvenate the skin.  Skin treatment has many benefits:  deep cleanses, exfoliates, increases circulation and detoxifies, relaxes the senses, nerves, and muscles, stimulates the skin functions and metabolism, slows down premature aging, treats conditions such as dryness, oiliness, or redness, softens wrinkles and aging lines, helps clear up blemishes and minor acne.

Soft and Hard - Body Waxing

Excessive or unwanted hair is a common problem that affects both men and women.  Conducting services in a safe environment and a thorough client consultation we will be able to help you achieve the hairless look you always wanted.


Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation treatment that uses a compressor and a low-pressure suction pump.  Developed initially by dermatologists, it can now be used by beauty therapists to treat many different skin types,from thick, coarse skin to thin, ageing skin, for conditions ranging from reducing the signs of ageing to treating sun-damage and pigmentation disorder.



Originating as a sports physiotherapy and Bell's palsy treatment, Microcurrent has been successfully adapted to use its toning and firming effects as a cosmetic treatment to rejuvenate and recontour facial muscles.  Treatment time is up to one hour for all ages and skins, with a routine of several treatments a week for several weeks recommended, than moving to a less frequent maintenance program.


​High-frequency produce ozone which destroys the surface bacteria that can cause pustules and acne, producing a drying and healing effect on the skin.  High-frequency treatments can be either direct or indirect.​

Body scrub / Back facial

Body scrubs increase circulation and nourish skin using a combination of ingredients.  Body scrub gives the body an excellent exfoliation, which prepares the skin to receive additional products or treatments.  


Body Detoxification

The detoxification Program is an important part of the total body contour program, as it cleanses the systems of the body and the tissues internally.  Natural body functions become stronger and more efficient, and established wastes and toxins are eliminated.  Detoxification makes Body Wraps many times more effective and reverses the cycle of cellulite accumulation.

Paraffin Wax Masks (facial, back, hands & feet)

Paraffin masks are used to warm the skin and promote penetration of ingredients deeper into the skin through the heat trapped under the paraffin.  The heat increases blood circulation and is beneficial for dry, mature skin or skin that is dull and lifeless.  It has a plumping and softening effect on the skin.

Cold Light - LED treatment

LED (light emitting diode) will not heat and destroy tissue like a traditional medical laser.  The Cold Light sends specific light energy into the dermal tissue to stimulate cellular activity and collagen production.  When combined with appropriate serums and gel the cold Light enhances the treatment of rosacea, acne, sun damage and other stubborn skin conditions.

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